What they do: Inquire / research about what is the company’s vision and aim and how well they are doing financially. All these information can be accessed through company website or internet search.

Company Structure: It is very important to understand what hierarchy the company follows. Is it a flat or vertical structure? This will help you at a hang of daily dealings in the company.

Company Culture: Understanding company culture will define whether it suits you rational. Are they rigid or flexible? Is there a dress code? Do they foster a collaborative environment Getting clarity on these is vital.

Media Mentions: You should be updated about their current events and happenings to understand where they are heading. This will help you decide on your long-term plans at the organisation.

Peer rating: Be an alert job-seeker after all it’s a matter of your career. Look out for company review by employees, or exp-employees on company rating websites such as Glassdoor, etc.