About us

We are a group of highly enthusiastic and extremely motivated professionals, dedicated to helping people attain their full potential in their career through supporting and promoting positive career change and transition. Formed in February 2013, spearheaded by a team of individuals who have had valuable experience in the field of HR for more than a decade, VacanciesHUB today caters to requirements for diverse industries.

What sets us apart from other consultancies is our complete involvement and commitment to the needs of our clients. This is ensured by a 100% contact with all candidates either on the telephone or by personal interview before they are forwarded to the clients. VacanciesHUB today is catering to positions ranging from lower, middle to top management for its clients. This is done by a team of dedicated professionals at different levels.

Our methodology

Our procedure starts with understanding the organization with regard to existing business activities, structure, culture, and future growth plans. This is followed by mapping the position in respect of specific competencies (Job title, job specification, accountabilities, key result areas, approximate compensation, location, etc.

Next step is identification of right candidates either from our existing database or through various internal searching strategies. We conduct a competency based interview of each shortlisted candidates and present shortlisted candidates with our recommendation.

We also help the client in negotiating the offer including compensation structures and joining dates.

Subsequent to candidate joining the organization we follow up with both client and candidate to ensure satisfaction.